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Mites are a Dog Skin Problem Your Dog Can Do Without!

Perhaps your dog will be one of the lucky ones who never get any dog skin problem. But sometimes, even the most pampered and well groomed indoor dog can catch a dog skin problem. Any dog, no matter what kind of breed or environment he's in, can be a candidate for a variety of dog skin problems.

Examples of parasites that attack even the cleanest of the dog are mites. Mites are very tiny parasites that cause dog skin problems by triggering irritation and also cause infection. There are three types of mites that cause problems in dogs. Demodex and Sarcoptes both cause mange and Otodectes causes inflammation of the ear.

Among the three types of mites that causes dog skin problem, Otodectes is the only type that can be seen without the use of a microscope. Seldom, you may see them as tiny white moving dots in the ear.

Demodex is another type of mite that causes dog skin problem. Although they are naturally carried by most dogs, this type of mite does not usually cause nuisance. But it can become a dog skin problem from time to time when your dog is undergoing stress. It can also attack puppies and causes dog skin problem because puppies' natural defenses are not fully developed yet and are more susceptible to this parasite's attack.

Demodex causes what is termed as pustular dermatitis in your cute puppies, located around the head and shoulders. Sometimes it becomes infected, a dog skin problem that is known as juvenile pyoderma. Signs of this dog skin problem are: hair loss, flaky and oily skin, and a characteristic "mousy" odor. This condition is also commonly known as "mange". You can treat mange naturally - click here for more information.

In treating this type of dog skin problem, your dog must be taken to the vet within 24 hours of this developing or serious scarring can occur. Your vet can prescribe antibiotics and drugs that give your dog effective relief. Your vet might also suggest a special shampoo to control the oiliness of the coat as well as the smell.

Sarcoptes is another type of mites that cause dog skin problem that can affect your dog regardless of his age. This type of mite is more commonly known as scabies, a dog skin problem that can also affect humans. The Sarcoptes burrow through the skin and produces tunnels where they lay their eggs. When this type of dog skin problem attacks humans, the infection usually dies away, although you should still consider treating it.

The following are signs of this type of dog skin problem in your dog; itchy rash of red spots usually located on ears, elbows, and hocks. On human skin, the "tunnels" can actually be seen.

Rapid treatment is also very important in treating this type of dog skin problem in order to avoid human infections and also to prevent your dog from harming himself by scratching and biting. The vet can prescribe special chemicals that are applied in insecticidal shampoos. The vet can also prescribe drugs to help stop your dog from biting and scratching himself. But if you want to avoid chemicals and drugs, there are natural alternatives which remove the toxins in your dog's system, clearing the way for a healthier dog without mites and skin problems.

If your dog develops scabies, see your vet without delay. For any other condition, and preferably to prevent all of these dog skin problems from developing in the first place, click here for more information on detoxifying your dog's system and preventing dog skin problems and dog mites and many other problems.