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Prevent Dog Fleas Naturally

Prevent Dog Fleas Naturally  
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Natural Flea Remedies - Prevent Dog Fleas Naturally

How can I stop dog fleas from attacking my dog? Is there a natural solution to ward off dog fleas? Are there any ways to prevent dog flea before it starts to spread and become a serious problem? Are there natural dog flea treatments and natural flea prevention remedies that actually work?

Dog fleas have been around since the earliest times, welcoming your dog during spring and summer seasons. Fleas can also strike at other times of the year, particularly in warmer climates. In fact in some places the flea season hardly ever abates. But there are number of ways you can cure your dog of dog fleas. You can either use an insecticide dip, a dog flea spray, an anti-flea drug, a dog flea collar, or a dog flea shampoo. Some of these dog flea prevention and treatment methods are more toxic than others. And then there are the natural flea prevention remedies (more on those below).

When using any kind of dog flea treatment, you have to check your dog's skin for any sign of allergic or sensitive reaction. Also, talk to your vet before starting any kind of dog flea treatment to puppies and older dogs.

Puppies should never wear dog flea collars nor should they be powdered until they are at least eight weeks old. In addition, dog flea treatment for older dogs may be more challenging because certain changes associated with aging make them bad candidates to certain dog flea chemicals. Older dogs are also prone to dog flea allergy dermatitis.

There have been many different natural dog flea methods people have used over the years to fight off dog fleas. Many people believe that it is possible that one teaspoon of brewer's yeast may keep dog fleas away when mixed into the dog's regular meal. And because brewer's yeast is rich in various B vitamins, it is also beneficial for your dog regardless of its effect on dog fleas. Garlic is another time honored natural flea remedy. Brewers yeast, garlic and apple cider vinegar, as well as citronella oil and other citrus oils applied topically (usually sprayed on your dog's coat) all work to some degree. If your dog is in tip top health, he is less likely to be attacked by fleas, and more likely to need nothing more than these home spun flea remedies. Many dogs do need stronger measures, though. But by stronger measures, I don't necessarily mean toxic chemicals. There are some wonderful natural flea treatments available which really do keep the dog fleas at bay without harming your dog. Click here for more information on preventing fleas naturally.

What about if your dog already has fleas that you want to get rid of in a hurry? Click here for more information on treating fleas naturally.

You can also ask your vet about dog flea products that can kill a dog flea right after biting your dog, thereby minimizing the rate of infestation around your house. It is also important to check your dog for infestation every day, especially during dog flea season. When checking your dog for dog fleas, give special attention to his neck, his belly, his inner thighs, and his legs.

There is one method of getting rid of dog fleas that does not involve the use of any chemical. To begin with the treatment, wash your dog in warm water (making sure that it is not hot), scrubbing him down with soap at the same time. Next, have him sit in the water for about fifteen minutes.

Make sure that you keep him relaxed and busy, otherwise, it will be hard for him to stay put. This process should get rid of all the dog fleas that have thus far been underwater. For your last step, wash other body parts of your dog that have not been submerged using a cooled mixture of one teaspoon of dried rosemary boiled in water. This dog flea treatment is very effective and also gives off a very pleasant smell to your dog.

Then, be sure to keep your dog flea free and comfortable, by using a good natural flea remedy. Click here for further information.




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